The Mindfulness Clinic

Michael Vernon is a licensed therapist with over 20 years of meditation experience. In addition to his work at TMC, he is the director of Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago, which he co-founded in 2001. Prior to entering private practice Michael worked at a number of area hospitals, including The University of Chicago and UIC. His interest in meditation began in college, where he majored in Asian Philosophy and Religious Studies. He has been a longtime student of Tibetan Buddhism and has also studied and practiced Vipassana.  

Georgia Jones HAS BEEN A SOCIAL WORKER and meditator for over 15 years and has extensive formal training on the clinical application of mindfulness.  She is certified through the institute for meditation and psychotherapy.  She has been actively using mindfulness in her clinical work, as a supervisor, and as a business owner of her group practice, Chicago mindful psychotherapy.  She has given numerous seminars on mindfulness, its components and applications.  most importantly, georgia delights in trying to apply mindfulness in everyday life, again and again each moment.  

Amy Roth is a clinical social worker and trained family mediator with 15 years of experience working with families as they move through life’s transitions. During that time, mindfulness has been a source of strength and support for her work. She is a practice leader of the Tergar Meditation Community of Chicago and has presented to the Association for Conflict Resolution and the Chicago Bar Association on self-care and ethics on numerous occasions. The new research findings that point to meditation’s benefits for the brain, body and relationships have added a new direction to her practice, resulting in The Mindfulness Clinic.