Perhaps you've heard about the benefits of mindfulness but donʼt know where to start. Maybe you've had years of practice but struggle when it comes to applying mindfulness to daily life – at work, with kids, when the in-laws come to visit. It has been said that all you need in order to be mindful is awareness and the only obstacle to being mindful is forgetting your awareness. Sounds simple, but it can be difficult to remember in the midst of our busy lives. Regardless of your level of experience or specific areas of interest, we have programs that can help you. Whether you are trying to increase your sense of wellbeing or navigating the challenges of everyday life, being relaxed, alert and aware can always provide some benefit.

Our clinic brings together experienced clinicians who have each demonstrated a personal and professional commitment to the practice of mindfulness. Our team of experts offer ongoing workshops, weekly classes and continuing education courses covering a wide range of topics. The Mindfulness Clinic is directed by Georgia Jones, LCSW, Amy Roth, LCSW and Michael Vernon, LCSW.

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